Telegram Bot

So my doorbell was fixed, it creates an picture and sent in automatically to an telegram group where my newly created bot, the misses and i are members from. I thought it was fun by creating an system/method to send posts to the telegram group so i wanted to see how far i could go […]

Domoticz MPD Airplay solution

So its been a while again but i wanted to write something about my audio solution so i can control multiple speakers using domoticz and could select on which speakers i wanted my music played and even multiple rooms with the same music. When i was searching on the web i found the forked-daapd solution […]

RGB Led Strip

So i have a couple of raspberry pi’s running in my house so i can control my thermostat, audio, lights and hoses for the garden but i wanted to change my kitchen a little and i saw some kitchens on the internet with lights in the bottom of the whole kitchen. I thought hmm could […]